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Using the highest quality materials, your roof will be low maintenance for many years to come. Not only are the materials we install designed to increase your home's energy efficiency, but they're also designed to be more durable in all weather conditions from cracking in the sun to freezing in the winter.

•  Over 35 years of experience

•  Proven track record for quality workmanship

•  Domestic and commercial services

•  Competitive prices

•  Confederation of Roofing Contractors approved

When you've got a problem with your roof in Cardiff, contact the specialists!

Why should you choose us at Thomas McCoy Roofing Services?



At Thomas McCoy Roofing Services, our roofers in Cardiff can help keep your home warm and dry. With a focus on energy efficiency, we'll ensure that the heat stays in, the cold and wet stays out, and your heating bills are lower!

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